Partnerships and Alliances

Irrespective of the contract Bouygues Construction believes in working in partnership with our clients and supply chain.

With a comprehensive range of services throughout the project value chain, including in-house design, financial and technical engineering, project development and management, construction, maintenance and operation, we have the ability to contribute to all stages of the project development

In the UK Government’s Building Schools for the Future programme, Bouygues was selected by three London Authorities on 7 year partnerships to bring a broad strategic view rather than a “one off” transactional mentality.

These partnerships not only delivered the schools but also spread to deliver other public assets through a collaborative and transparent process.

In Australia all our recent projects have been Alliances with examples like the Go Between Bridge in Brisbane, Glenfield Junction Alliance and North Strathfield Rail Underpass both in Sydney delivering huge benefits in time and cost through a true partnership approach.