The Sillon de Bretagne

CLIENTHarmonie Habitat
CONTRACTConstruction – Demolition – Refurbishment – Rebuilding
of solar panels installed on the site

Sillon de Bretagne is the largest rehabilitation of a building in use in Europe.

Sillon de Bretagne is a social housing complex over 1 kilometre long and 100 metres tall. Bouygues Construction was contracted to refurbish 580 apartments, redevelop 6,000 m² of office space, add five public amenities and demolish part of the complex in order to open it onto a nearby park.

The operation needed to guarantee the safety and well-being of the 3,000 residents living and working in the complex. A resident relations manager was appointed to ensure good communications between various stakeholders.

Out of their concern for residents, the site team employed solutions used in manufacturing to limit noise and dust pollution and to keep the site clean. Hoists facilitated work on the facades so that most of it could be done from the outside. Meanwhile, the design for a steel sub frame for exterior windows reduced noise and the amount of work on the facade. Other solutions included finished or prefabricated elements to reduce the number of actions needed and make them all as short as possible, with the use of an adjacent 400 m2 logistics area where as much preparatory work as possible could be completed.

The project was also designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development: 800 m² of solar panels were installed for the production of hot water, enabling the complex to achieve the low-energy consumption performance of a new building across the whole complex.