Hyatt Regency Hotel Ekaterinburg

A 85 metre high
high-tech building

The Hyatt Regency is located in the centre of a future 12 hectare business district in Ekaterinburg, a city served by the Trans-Siberian railway and the second-largest economic centre in Russia.

Bouygues Construction delivered this 21-storey 5-star hotel, designed by architects Valode & Pistre, in 2009. Shaped like an ice cube, the hotel offers 296 rooms designed to offer optimal light and acoustic comfort, a ballroom for 800 people, and the largest multi-purpose conference centre in the city (2,500m²), including two restaurants, three bars and a fitness centre.

To prevent the “cold wall” effect, the north, east and south facades are covered by a high-tech curtain wall, a succession of three sheets of glass between which hot air is pulsed. This was installed level by level.

From -35°C in winter to +35°C in summer, Ekaterinburg has one of the largest temperature variations in Russia; so for this project, a conscious effort was made to deliver a high end product in harmony with its environment, without compromising on Hyatt Regency‘s core values.

Through the winter months, Bouygues installed heating elements in the steel reinforcement to heat the concrete from the inside to avoid it freezing. Still wet, it was covered to maintain a minimum temperature while drying, with warm air blown under the sheets. Innovative decorative materials such as Corian® were used to ensure that a high degree of elegance permeates through the building.

The hotel is in keeping with the development strategy of this rapidly expanding city.