The Fort d’Issy neighbourhood

CERTIFIEDBBC - Effinergie®
of the apartments' energy needs are fulfilled by renewable energies.

Bouygues Construction transformed a 19th century military fortress at Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside Paris, into an innovative eco-neighbourhood focused on the comfort of its residents.

As part of a vast redevelopment operation being carried out by Bouygues Immobilier, the Group has built 1,211 apartments, a day-care centre for children, shops, a market place and a water mirror.

Intended to offer a superior quality of life to its residents, Fort d’Issy has been designed as a sustainable precinct set in the heart of the city: it will incorporate a vast public garden and access to cars is deliberately limited.

Environmentally responsible, the neighbourhood makes use of renewable energies, which account for 60% of the energy needs of the apartments. A bore well 750 metres deep will supply a geothermal network meeting over half the neighbourhood’s heating and domestic hot water needs. Among other innovations, Fort d’Issy is the first neighbourhood in France to implement a pneumatic system for waste collection.

To minimise nuisance for local residents, a dedicated traffic team is in charge of regulating movements of trucks in the vicinity of the construction site.

On the technological side, a cutting-edge building management system will enable residents to track their energy consumption and control a range of apartment functions such as heating, lighting and roller blinds from a touch screen or smartphone. Each apartment will be connected to the optical fibre network and will have a multimedia point for VDI (voice, data and image) transmission in each room.

Fort d’Issy is also linked up to Issy Grid®, the first project for a smart energy network on the scale of a neighbourhood. It has the triple aim of being more energy-efficient, integrating local production of renewable energy and optimising energy management.