Express Rail Link (820 & 821)

CLIENTMass Transit Railway Corporation
CONTRACTConstruction of a rail tunnel
FINANCINGPublic contract
3.5 kilometres
of tunnel construction under Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Dragages Hong Kong, both Bouygues Construction subsidiaries, have constructed a 3.5 kilometre underground stretch of Hong Kong’s Express Rail Link no. 820, the high-speed rail line that currently links Hong Kong to Guangzhou and will reach as far as Shanghai in 2015.

In this very dense urban environment, numerous networks, deep-laid foundations of buildings and metro lines have made tunnelling operations for the two parallel tunnels (each 9 metres in diameter) a real challenge.

The project, which also includes the construction of foundations and works to allow new housing and other public amenities, will see around a thousand people working onsite at peak periods.