CLIENTBouygues Construction
CERTIFIEDHQE®, Leed® and Breeam®
60% of water
saved (60,000 m3) and 80% of waste converted

The renovation of Challenger, the iconic head office of Bouygues Construction in Guyancourt, France meets the twin objectives of increasing energy and environmental performance while improving the working conditions of its 3,200 employees.

As the head office has remained in use during the works, a “clean site” charter was signed to minimise nuisance for the personnel.

When the works are completed in 2014, Bouygues Construction’s head office, Challenger, will be one of the very first positive energy non-residential buildings and it will become a showcase for the company’s expertise. A practical demonstration of our strategic commitment to sustainable construction, this renovation operation makes use of a number of innovations.

The insulation of the buildings has been upgraded: 88% of the facade (more than 24,000 m²) has been replaced by a double-skin facade with very high thermal performance.

Part of the power required by Challenger is produced locally, thanks to the installation of more than 25,000 m² photovoltaic solar panels. This installation is capable of generating over 2,500 MWh of electricity per year, most of which will be used on site.

The heating and air conditioning of the building harness energies that are naturally present in the subsoil, with the use of geothermal sensors, along with the installation of thermal solar panels.

The renovation of Bouygues Construction’s head office has enabled the Group to trial a number of approaches to urban biodiversity. With the support of partners Noé Conservation and UNAF, an action plan to enrich the biodiversity of the site has been drawn up and areas have been created provide homes to local flora and fauna (filter beds, flowery meadows).