British Embassy, Algiers

CONTRACTNew build and refurbishment
2,422 m²
of offices

Inaugurated by HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, the British Embassy in Algiers looks out over the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Its concentric design mirrors the sloping relief of this mainly residential district.

Everything is “curves and harmony”: the walls built from architectural concrete, as well as the gardens, swimming pool and the precise layout of one hundred-year old palm trees – moved with the utmost care – preserving an unobstructed view across the bay. The modern construction blends astonishingly well into the site through the fluid equilibrium of its forms, its sandy hue and the understated elegance of the materials chosen. Erected in stacked strata at the foot of the Ambassador’s neo-Moorish villa, it enhances the aristocratic charm.

This project marks a distinguished return to Algeria for Bouygues, after 20 years and is the second British embassy it has built in North Africa, after Rabat.