Bouygues to build first ABC (Autonomous Building for Citizens) in Grenoble, France

On 22 January 2014, Bouygues Construction and the City of Grenoble signed an R&D partnership agreement relating to the construction of the first ABC (Autonomous Building for Citizens) demonstrator. The next step: to focus on the concept feedback to improve our service range.

From concept to demonstrator

The ABC concept is a housing complex of 90 apartments that will aim to achieve self sufficiency in water and energy and to optimize waste management. Developed by Bouygues Construction’s R&D teams in partnership with architect Denis Valode, the ABC project has reached a crucial phase. The challenge now is to take the concept through to concrete reality

and draw up a preliminary design before the end of 2014. The objective is to adapt the concept to the geographical and climatic constraints of Grenoble as well as the regulations in force.

“We need to find alternatives to some aspects of the concept, such as organic waste methanisation which is currently prohibited in France”, explains Thierry Juif, R&D manager of the ABC project.

A technological showcase

The Grenoble demonstrator will be a technological showcase for Bouygues Construction’s know-how. Cirmad has been asked to work with the city of Grenoble to find a site to host

the demonstrator and ensure funding, GFC Construction will manage the construction project and Bouygues Energies & Services will be responsible for its operation. Some concepts

and components of the project will be reproducible, industrially producible and exportable, particularly to countries that have no existing infrastructure networks. “In a similar fashion to the car-concept in the motor industry, the technological advances that stem from research conducted in the field of ABC will benefit all of the Group’s projects”, concludes Yves Gabriel, CEO of Bouygues Construction.

Autonomous. ABC aims to achieve self-sufficiency in energy (electricity, heat, etc.) and water and to optimise waste management by combining renewable energy production, energy storage and improved control of consumption.

Building. ABC employs innovative building processes, incorporating an element of standardisation so that construction can be carried out more quickly whilst maintaining a very high level of quality.

Citizens. ABC aims to place residents at the heart of the concept to ensure it meets today’s expectations and is geared to future changes in society: pooling of equipment and information and management systems, modularity of certain spaces, etc.