After working together for several years on flagship operations in France and abroad, Bouygues Construction and BASF are working towards the same goal: developing sustainable solutions for the construction sector. On the occasion of the Innovation Campus organized by Bouygues Construction on October 7, 2014, one of the world leaders in construction and services and the world’s leading chemical company have signed a framework cooperation agreement.

An agreement with wide strategic scope

The agreement establishes an alliance which will allow both groups to create yet more added value in sustainable construction and to face the challenges of the future together.

In particular, its aims are to:

  • Work together to develop innovative services and products which respect the environment
  • Design the buildings and neighbourhoods of tomorrow
  • Test the materials of the future
  • Reinforce both groups’ technical expertise

For both companies, this agreement means that they will support each other during future developments, testified by the presence of leading chief executives from both groups at the signing.

Olivier Homolle, President of BASF France: “Today, out of a global R&D budget of 1.84 billion euro, BASF invests 30 percent in innovation in order to increase energy efficiency and control climate change. The building sector has to face a complex challenge which, thanks to innovation, will conciliate energy efficiency, optimal cost and high quality architecture. This is the challenge we have to face with Bouygues Construction. By signing this agreement, BASF reaffirms its support to develop this strategic sector in France and Europe”.

Yves Gabriel, President and CEO of Bouygues Construction, added: “We are proud to form a partnership with BASF to work together to develop innovations which are essential when facing the challenges of construction. In a world which is increasingly interconnected and changing more quickly than ever before, Bouygues Construction is putting open innovation at the heart of its strategy and is developing partnerships with businesses, universities and organizations whose expertise complements our own.”

Innovating to face the challenges of the future

With a growing world population and the increasing needs of energy savings, the building industry is faced with the challenge of meeting citizens’ needs for quality buildings and infrastructure, without neglecting environmental protection and economic factors. “Through this partnership, Bouygues Construction and BASF will work together to develop, test and improve construction products, but also reflect on future challenges for the sector”, explained Philippe Van de Maele, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Construction at Bouygues Construction. “With this comprehensive approach, both will bring their expertise and vision for the sector to help create structures which respect the environment more and which are more comfortable for their daily users.”

As the market leader in raw materials, systems and finished products for the building sector, BASF already provides economic and sustainable solutions which allow high quality construction. They aim to do even better. “This partnership brings together the expertise of the leading chemical company and our application know-how with Bouygues, who drives globally a huge number of major projects all along the construction value chain”, said Philipp Kley, Senior Vice President Construction Chemicals Europe at BASF. “We are very happy to connect with Bouygues to jointly realize step-change innovation for the construction industry.”

BASF Preview at the Innovation Campus held by Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction held the Innovation Campus at its head office, called Challenger. In this recently renovated building – a world first triple certified HQE – BREEAM – LEED – the event brought together group partners for a day of presentations, conferences and exchanges.

During the Campus, the Bouygues Construction head office atrium was transformed into an exhibition space for its partners’ major innovations. BASF experts presented a preview of the innovations for the year 2014-2015, including a new generation of polymers for controlling the viscosity of concrete as well as several flagship products.

BASF, Bouygues Construction and sustainable construction

BASF has put interdisciplinary teams of construction professionals in place to develop solutions to increase buildings’ energy efficiency, reduce the amount of resources needed for construction and contribute to higher standards of living. The group is actively involved in Green Building Councilsacross the world. It provides authentic and reliable information with a scientific basis, and publishes an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for many of its products.

Bouygues Construction’s sustainable development strategy aims to design, build and operate sustainable structures. In keeping with Group values, which bring together the quest for performance and respect for people, this process creates innovation and cohesion.