On Monday, October 6, the Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yves Gabriel, presented the prizes for the 5th Bouygues Construction Innovation Competition. The ceremony, which was held at the Group’s head office, Challenger formed part of Bouygues Construction’s Campus Innovation, a major two-day event that brought together employees and more than 400 customers and partners and featured seven round table discussions and more than forty-five stands.

Yves Gabriel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Construction, commented: “The success of the Innovation Competition demonstrates the commitment of all our employees to our drive for innovation. This commitment is essential if we are to meet the challenges posed by the revolution that is under way in the construction sector, characterised at one and the same time by the rapid development of digital in our business processes and by the need to integrate the changing expectations of the users of our buildings and structures into our approach.”

Held every two years, the Innovation Competition rewards the best inventions submitted by Group employees, both in France and in other countries, in all our businesses. The operation has met with growing success: almost 2,000 employees took part in the competition in 2014, double the number that took part in the very first competition back in 2006.

A shortlist was compiled by a panel of acknowledged experts from both inside and outside Bouygues Construction, and was submitted by the R&D and Innovation Committee to a jury made up of members of the Group’s General Management Committee. Out of a total of approximately 900 entries, 38 won prizes. Some new ideas have already been put into operation on construction sites, and information on all of them will be circulated throughout the whole Group.

The following innovations were among the prizewinning projects:

  • First prize for Technology: hybrid TBM and multi-diameter TBM: he hybrid tunnel-boring machine (TBM) is a mix between earth pressure and mud pressure types of TBM, which allows it to adapt to a wide variety of ground types along the drilling path. The multi-diameter TBM can dig tunnels whose section varies.
  • First prize for Works – Operations – Services: Bouygues modular construction: This is a new type of precast module highly suited to certain types of housing (student bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc.), allowing modular construction. It will mean reduced costs and delivery times and increased quality of the finished product, while creating better working conditions on the construction site.
  • First prize for Construction Sites: the all-purpose hammer: This unusually shaped hammer allows precise working in nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach using a traditional hammer. It is also safer and easier to use.
  • First prize for Sales: geomarketing of local authorities’ needs for amenities: This prize rewarded two geomarketing initiatives enabling the interactive visualisation of a local authority’s amenity needs (street lighting, fibre optics, swimming pools, etc.) and generates presentations for the customer.