Bouygues Construction Australia receives the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation

Bouygues Construction Australia is proud to officially announce its accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace.

We are now the first tier one construction company in Australia to have achieved the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation. We are very proud to be a pioneer in this initiative.

This has been an 18 month journey for Bouygues Construction Australia, working across policies and procedures to ensure that they meet the needs of our staff to provide a safe working environment. We stand with White Ribbon to take a leadership role in educating and supporting our staff.

  • We have implemented intensive training especially of our leadership teams to ensure that we educate and inform our staff about violence and its impact.
  • We provide strong support to those who experience violence, with specialised counselling services, creation of safety plans to ensure their safety at work as well as specialised leave to support them in addressing the issues of violence.

Over 60% of women currently experiencing violence are in the workforce, which impacts on the organisational climate and employee’s sense of well-being. As a construction company with a high percentage of male employees, we have a particular challenge to create an environment that condemns violence against women, and we are prepared to address this behaviour should violence be present in their life.

By providing support and specialist services for all staff, we strive to continue our focus on safety and to build on the Bouygues Construction culture of excellence.

And we will continue to speak out against violence.