Bouygues Batiment International commercial success in Ajuba, Nigeria

On 14 March Limited Bouygues Construction Nigeria Limited (BCNL) signed the contract for the Jabi Lake shopping mall in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Following the signing of the contracts for the Bonny Island Primary School and the British High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria.


Landsborough Highway Reconstruction delivered!

In total some 90km of highway was reconstructed, widened and repaired at a total cost of $99M.


Bouygues Batiment International expands in Ghana via the USA

Bouygues Batiment International American subsidiary closed the financial arrangements for the Ridge Hospital in Accra, in Ghana.

Human Resources

The Lions arrive in Singapore

Singapore has maintained the tradition of excellence for which Bouygues Group is recognised, with the creation in February of the Guild of the Lions, an arm of the Minorange Guild.


Bouygues Batiment begins renovation work on the Paris-Bercy Sports Complex

Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France – Ouvrages Publics has begun renovation work on the Paris-Bercy sports complex. The objective: to transform the venue into a multi-purpose and modular facility to make it more appealing.