Our Corporate Ambition

Sustainable construction represents an irreversible evolution of our business and one that we embrace to ensure that we leave a positive legacy for the generations to come.

Beyond the inherent quality of the buildings and infrastructure we deliver, we recognise our obligation to consider the impact of our activities on the environment and on natural resources over the long term; from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

Bouygues Construction Australia is committed to engineering high-performance technical solutions that address environmental, social and economical concerns in a considerate and sustainable manner in the following ways:

We have placed sustainability at the heart of our strategy.

  • Projects: Redefine the idea of value by introducing a more integrated approach in the management of projects
  • Partners: Foster a network of suppliers and customers to drive an efficient and respectful way of doing business
  • Environment: Build environmentally-responsible and intelligent infrastructure┬áthat better integrates its surrounding
  • Community: Demonstrate insight and involve the local communities and associations to create a lasting positive legacy
  • People: Provide a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment that allows growth both professionally and personally