North Strathfield Rail Underpass

CLIENTTransport for NSW
metres of combined ramps and tunnel for the rail underpass

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass (NSRU) project in Sydney is part of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Program, a joint Australian and NSW Government initiative to improve the capacity and reliability of freight and passenger trains on Sydney’s Main North Line between Strathfield and Newcastle.

The objective of the North Strathfield Rail underpass Project is to:

  • enable additional paths (opportunities for freight travel) and reduce waiting times for freight trains
  • increase reliability of both freight trains and passenger services
  • remove the need for freight trains to cross lines at North Strathfield Junction which impacts passenger train services
  • enable a 1,500 metre freight train to stand clear of the Main North Line so other trains can pass before entering the single track section towards Flemington.

The project includes the following features:

  • a new 148 metre rail underpass for trains at North Strathfield with two 350 metre access ramps
  • 2.4 kilometre of new track and upgrade of 850 metre of existing track
  • a new aerial concourse, including four lifts and stairs at Concord West Station
  • associated civil and structural works
  • provision of new rail systems, including overhead wire, high voltage, low voltage, communications and signalling
  • utility relocations/protection.

One of the key challenges has been completing the works while train services remain in operation during the project. To enable this, 13 weekend track possessions across the three years of the contract are required.